Where to buy

We offer specialized dynotag smart tags for a wide variety of  applications. You can view our product selection here.

To purchase in:

  • USA:    Visit our Amazon U.S. store
  • Canada: Dynotag Canada offers products at  dynotag.ca
  • UK and Europe:   Baikush Ltd. offers products at  amazon.co.uk
  • Middle East and N. Africa: Firm One Trading, LLC offers products at dynotagme.com 

Note that in the U.S. our web store product are fulfilled by Amazon.com and qualify for free Prime express shipping. Similarly, products in amazon.co.uk qualify for Prime as well.

Additionally, most of our products qualify for Amazon Global Export – so that they can be shipped from U.S. to over 75 countries around the globe. So – if you cannot obtain the dynotag product you want in your country via our representatives, you can get it shipped directly from the U.S. at very competitive rates – thanks to our light and environmentally friendly product packaging. Simply create an Amazon.com U.S. account and specify your address as the delivery address.  Amazon will inform you about the shipping and customs fees before you finalize your purchases.